convergence ACTIVATOR workshops

Generate many paths forward while connecting across ways of knowing & doing. Informed by organizers, rooted in team science, and driven by participants, our approach expands on 12 years of designing and evaluating interdisciplinary conferences & grants at the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.  We’re pretty confident in our approach.  We’ve been creating dynamic, memorable, curiosity-driven workshops for top-notch researchers since 2006.


Convergence research isn’t only for creating new scientific knowledge, it is a potentially transformative process for those involved.

three people are working around a large, lightbulb.

Convergence Ideation Workshops

From focusing the topic to preparing participants to collaborate, we work with you every step of the way to create a meaning- and  momentum-making experience for everyone



Yellow hexagon with the word "Focus" in the middle

Identify a topic with a clear focus, broad interest, and high impact

Aqua hexagon with the word "Engage" in the middle

Activate engagement and action for all participants in advance of the meeting

Blue hexagon with the word "gather" inside

Attend to the structure and surroundings to create a creative and special environment

Magenta hexagon with the word "extend" in the middle

 Continue the momentum and connections after the conference

Exploring convergence means creating a space where a multitude of perspectives not only co-exist, but interact, blend, and belong. 

Watch our NSF Growing Convergence Research Lecture with a behind-the-scenes look at the roots of our approach.

Some Use Cases

Start your campus seed grant program with a workshop to reveal the demand for collaboration and uncover the themes of interest of faculty

Build a Convergence Activator workshop into your federally-funded planning grant or as the foundation for larger funding.

Design a new convergence research program with multiple workshops on connected topics over several years.