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Leaders work with us when they’re ready to stop “winging it” and go deeper into what it means to create an effective team. 

Top teams and leaders know the pitfalls of collaboration.  We give you frameworks + tools that support the conversations you need to set your team up for success from the very start. 

We design a partnership that scales to fit your unique needs with rigorous frameworks, world-class team diagnostics,  engaging facilitation, insightful coaching, and customized tools. 

Why wait for problems to arise?   (Because they will!)

Why figure it out on your own?  (You have enough to do!)

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Anne Heberger Marino, MSW is the Founder and Principal of Lean-to Collaborations, LLC, a team effectiveness and collaboration consultancy launched in 2020 at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  She brings 20 years of experience working across disciplines and sectors.  Lean-to Collaborations helps clients build the mindset, structures, and processes they need to address complex social, environmental, and technical challenges. As a leadership team coach, Anne is certified to administer and debrief the Team Diagnostic Survey- the world’s most rigorous assessment of team effectiveness.  Lean-to Collaborations builds on her 12-year career fostering new interdisciplinary collaborations at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

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What our clients say

"Anne’s skillset, generosity, and competence have kept us moving forward. She is schooled in team dynamics and operational procedures. I have hired, fired, and contracted with hundreds of individuals and businesses. She’s been essential."

team Consulting & Diagnostics

 Apply a rigorous, world-class team effectiveness framework to design, launch, reboot, or level up your team. 

Facilitation &
Team Training

 Our interactive training and facilitated workshops fill the gap between academic training and the leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s collaborative research environment. 

(Solo, Group, or Team)

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process designed to maximize personal and professional potential. We bring coaching and a coaching approach to academic settings.

What our clients say

"Using powerful questions and always digging deeper, Anne pushes me the right amount out of my comfort zone. The sheer breadth and depth of her experience both in life and work means I can bring a range of issues to her and she always has a unique insight to give. "

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