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Active Hope and the Work That Reconnects

Hello!  If you’ve found this page you’re probably a member of the Work That Reconnects Community or involved in Active Hope. 

I’m glad you’re here. 

For 20+ years, I’ve worked with researchers, scientists, and other professionals in diverse fields. They’ve inspired, challenged, and touched my life in profound ways. 

Being involved in Work That Reconnects and Active Hope stems from my desire to use every possible tool in our human hearts, minds, and hands to heal the world. For me, that includes helping to support and sustain the researchers whose insights and teamwork can inform that healing. 

In other places on my website, you’ll see me use the phrase “beyond research as usual” which is a nod towards my aspiration to contribute to The Great Turning in an academic culture with roots in colonialism, oppression, reductionism, and competitiveness.  

While I am not currently leading the workshops on Work That Reconnects or Active Hope, I am interested in co-facilitating with others in the community.    

Please fill out the form below, message me on social media, or say hello in the WTR Community Forum if you’d like to connect.